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“I am a forward-thinking and innovative dentist focused on using technology to bring the latest advances to the treatment of my patients. I am energized by new ideas and finding new solutions to problems. I have always been focused on preventative and minimally-invasive treatments and patient education.”


Dr. McDowell has always been focused on using the latest technology to improve the patient experience. From radiation-free imaging to laser dentistry, he has always been ahead of the curve and is dedicated to improving the practice of dentistry one patient at a time.

"I hate the shot(s) and drill and would have otherwise delayed treatment. I was amazed at how easy, fast, and comfortable it was. It is like magic!!!"
Sherry P.


I was an early adopter of digital imaging, radiation-free cavity detection, needle and drill-free laser dentistry, minimally invasive dentistry and mouth guards that help improve performance and protect against concussions. My focus on technology has allowed me to give patients the opportunity to experience dentistry not offered at most traditional practices.

I run my practice with a close eye on what is new and upcoming in dental technology. I’ve never been one to just follow what the industry as a whole is doing, which has lead me to be an early-adopter of advances in dentistry. I strongly believe that technology allows me to provide better care to my patients, so I strive to make investments to ensure I am providing the most advanced treatments available.

In 2015, I became the first dentist in the Minneapolis-St. Paul metro area to bring the Solea laser into my practice. Unlike some of the other lasers available on the market, the Solea laser is the first FDA-approved laser for use in both hard and soft tissue. This technology has enabled me to perform 90% of my procedures without Novocaine and or a drill.

I was also an early investor in technology that would allow for radiation-free cavity detection. Not only has this saved my patients from countless doses of unnecessary radiation, but it has also increased my ability to detect problems at an earlier stage. I recently acquired a digital scanner that will allow me to scan and store digital records of my patients’ mouths. My ability to use precise recorded data to detect changes between visits will only further improve the quality of care I am able to provide.

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